CBD, Sleepiness, and Ultrarunning

One of the big difference between a 50 mile run and a 100 mile run is the sleep factor. Especially when you are just looking to finish (like me!), you have to factor in simple lack of sleep. My finish times have always been between 29 and 30 hours and, for those of you new to the ultra scene, most people do not sleep during this time. For me this has led to times when I have fallen asleep while walking. Basically, I’ve been walking along in a daze, usually more towards the end of a race, and then woken suddenly to find myself 50 feet down the trail with no memory of getting there. This is also why you have to “battle the chair” because sometimes it is simply too hard to get up once you sit down.

I’m a little worried about CBD in this regard. Sleepiness is a well known side effect and, in fact, its ability to relax people is a common reason to take it. My training is not nearly to the point when I am doing late night runs, but I think that I will need to do some tests when I run late at night and take some CBD either right before or in the middle of my runs. Possibly a cup of coffee or something can help mitigate the effects (or maybe they won’t even be an issue). However, I definitely want to test it out before race time. Just something that I’ve been thinking about during this whole experiment.

On a related note, I got my first bottle of CBDPure today. That makes me really happy since I can switch from the somewhat shady bottle of Chinese product that I got from Amazon to something more reliable. I do like to know what I am putting into my body and there are too many unknowns related to many other manufacturers.

Author: The Noname Nerd

I'm a Ph.D. level nerd who loves movies, video games, and running. My hobby is selling merch here www.nonamenerd.com.

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