What does CBD taste like?

I switched from taking the CBD in my smoothies to holding it under my tongue after doing some reading into the differential uptake of CBD and it sounds like just swallowing it isn’t necessarily the best. Also, that’s what it says on my bottle to do. So, I take two squirts (about a half dropper each) under my tongue and hold it there for about a minute before swallowing.

But the really important question is, what does it taste like? Needless to say, it is oily in texture. That’s a little gross, but nothing at all like the oil pulling craze of last year. It’s not enough to really be too gross. I would describe the taste itself as nutty/grassy/earthy. I probably wouldn’t want to drink a whole glass of it, but at the same time it isn’t unpleasant. If anything, it makes me feel like I am taking something natural and relatively unrefined (at least compared to pills).

I know that there are some flavored oils out there so they might be worth trying if you really don’t like the taste. However, in the sense that this is an experiment of one, I want to reduce the number of variables as much as possible. On a related note, after a couple weeks, I do feel like perhaps I am sleeping better. Except on weekends, I roll out of bed pretty reliably at 6:00 AM and I don’t feel like it has been as much of a drag as it has in the past. Of course, some of that is the fact that it is spring and both warmer and lighter when I wake up. But hey, effects are effects, right?

Author: The Noname Nerd

I'm a Ph.D. level nerd who loves movies, video games, and running. My hobby is selling merch here www.nonamenerd.com.

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