International travel with CBD

I’m spending about 10 days traveling in Taiwan and Japan. I’ve already gotten in 12 miles in the past 3 days so I’m feeling pretty good that the trip isn’t interrupting my training too much. I travel internationally a few times a year and it’s always a problem in terms of disrupting my training plans as I am usually pretty busy and can never run as much as I would at home (especially with long plane rides getting in the way.)

It got me thinking about CBD and international travel. My recommendation is that you simply don’t. Don’t bring it. It’s always good practice to bring medication (especially prescription medications) in the original bottle and even to have a doctor’s prescription if it’s something particularly important. But you have to keep in mind that different countries have different laws about drugs and you cannot assume that what is legal in the United States is legal elsewhere. Furthermore, you have very few if any rights when crossing international boundaries so getting searched and having things seized is easy (albeit uncommon.) It is better to not even appear like you are doing anything wrong. For better or worse, the association between CBD and marjuanna is there and I don’t see any point in even looking like you are doing anything wrong. Leave the CBD at home.

Author: The Noname Nerd

I'm a Ph.D. level nerd who loves movies, video games, and running. My hobby is selling merch here

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